The Daily Program

Daily Schedule: At Trinity Preschool we believe that a child learns by playing and doing, not just sitting and listening. You will get pictures that are of “Nothing”. Don’t worry, your child was probably finding out what happens when you mix all the colors together. We do have Free Choice Time, Large Group/Circle Time, Small Groups Time, Jesus Time, Music Time and Outside/Large Motor Time. <--(Click here to learn more about our Nationally Certified Outdoor Environment)

Christian Environment: Trinity Preschool offers a loving and caring Christian environment for your child’s first school experience. Simple Bible Stories, songs and Christian Values are taught during our “Jesus Time”. Christian Values are consistently modeled by the teachers and practiced by the students throughout the day in every activity that we do. The Pastor, when available, or a church Elder assists the teachers in leading “Chapel” once a week in the Sanctuary.

Every year we choose to celebrate Lutheran Schools Week. This week is a week of fun events celebrating Jesus, the children and our school affiliation of being a Lutheran School. We would love for you to come and celebrate with us during this special time!

National Lutheran Schools Week

January 26th - February 1st, 2020

Education for All Children: Trinity Preschool integrates several different curricula to make sure that every child grows.

We are happy to announce that we have continued to receive a grant of Pint-Size Science from the Iowa STEM Council!

Our morning classes are deeply immersed into our One In Christ curriculum and our afternoon class is engaged in

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Teaching Strategies

the Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum as we are part of the State of Iowa Voluntary Preschool Program. We are also pleased to

use the Iowa Character Counts curriculum as it integrates with our Christian Values of Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.

Parent Communication: Newsletters will be sent home with your child approximately each week. A yearly special events schedule is sent home at our beginning of the year Parent Night. Open communication with parents is vital to the well-being of your student. We encourage you to call or chat with us outside of class time with any questions or concerns you may have.

Responsibility: We believe that a child is capable of certain responsibilities in their own personal space. In order for a child to be successful in this area we ask that you allow your child the opportunity to TRY. They may fail, but eventually they WILL succeed. Please allow yourself extra time so that they have the time to succeed with your guidance by:

Iowa Character Counts
    • Taking off/Putting on their own clothing.

  • Taking off/putting on their own shoes or boots.

  • Carrying and hanging up their own school bags and coats.

  • ASKING with their words for help when practicing zipping and tying – AFTER they have tried first.

  • Picking up anything they were playing with or using BEFORE doing something else.

  • Using their words for EVERYTHING they need or want – even when they are upset.

These life skills will help your child succeed in preschool and beyond.